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What I stand for

I love people. I really believe in people. I believe in the brilliance that is within each and every one of us.


Because I have the absolute honour and privilege of witnessing people grow and change and transform. And I’ve seen the brilliance shine out from people over and over again.

And what I stand for is the brilliance of those called to act for change in the world. My passion is supporting YOU if you’re a changemaker. If you long to make a difference to our world.

I work with those who feel strongly that things can be different. That our society can work better. That we can create a more beautiful world together. That our visions and dreams for greater peace, harmony, balance and truer deeper connection with self, other and nature can be realised.

I work with those who feel this and are committed to play their part in bringing about that change.

I believe the brilliance in all of us is being called for in the times we live in. We live in crazy amazing times of chaos and upheaval and also creativity and change.

What is it that pains you? What is it that you’ve experienced in your life that you’d most like to change in the world? That’s a pointer to your part to play in transforming things.

And what is it you most love? What's your passion and what gives you greatest joy? These are also signposts for your unique role.

This is about finding that sweet spot where who you are and your passion for change overlap so you’re aligned, authentic and ‘on purpose’ in your action for change. And I know everyone can find this.

That’s what I stand for!

You finding that. All of us finding that. Getting clearer and clearer on what your ‘thing’ is and acting on it more and more.

Standing powerfully as YOU. Standing for change. Speaking your voice. Making the difference in the world you were born to make.

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And this doesn’t have to look any particular way. It’s not any particular scale or size. This is about finding what’s right for you. Being more and more fully you. Standing stronger and stronger in your vision of change for the world. And acting on it as best you can.

And I also witness that many working for change get so passionate about the need to change things so much – and right now! – that burnout is a real risk. And overwhelm. And disillusion.


So I work with changemakers so that our actions for change come from balance. So that we’re ‘walking our talk’ for change and living and being the change as best we can in.

This means you need to develop compassion for yourself too. Being kind to yourself is part of honouring and nurturing the beautiful visions and dreams for change in you. Beating up on ourselves is endemic but it doesn’t help.

Being kind to yourself as you do your best to bring out your brilliance is a vital part of this work.

So what do I stand for?


You in all your brilliance and magnificence.

And you – kind and compassionate to yourself and others.

I believe in people.

I believe in YOU!

Let’s change the world! Let’s bring our dreams and visions to life!

Let’s shine brilliantly and brightly for a more beautiful world!

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I work to support changemakers step into their brilliance in two key ways:

  • Workshops and retreats
  • Working one to one

I’ve currently got some openings in my one to one work so get in touch if you’d like to arrange a chat to find out more.

I run retreats and workshops in the UK and Sweden. The next retreats in the UK are March 23-25 and May 25-27 in a magical spot in the New Forest.

I also run a core programme as a series of three retreats. In 2018 this is running as follows:

Sweden – 16-18 March, 15-17 June, 21-23 September

UK – 22-24 June, 7-9 September, 9-11 November

See my website for further details.

Thanks so much for your commitment to being a changemaker!

Shine brightly! Be brilliant! And Enjoy!