• Inner Leadership - Outer Change

    Playing your part in transforming our world

  • "You are one of those people who has made me believe,


    in the power of the human heart and the difference we can make as individual persons in a world that sometimes feels insane"


    You matter.

    What you care about counts.

    Do something about it!

    Step into your Inner Leadership for Outer Change . . .

  • What is Inner Leadership for Outer Change?

    We live in extraordinary times - times of uncertainty, turbulence and great opportunity.


    Inner Leadership for Outer Change (ILOC) is about stepping up to play your unique part in creating change in the world. This is about learning to live and act from connection. It's a journey into empathy and deep compassion for yourself as well as others. And it's about bringing all of who you are to your action for change. Each of us has unique gifts, skills and experiences to offer. This is about celebrating your magnificence, brilliance as well as flaws - and learning to see the same in those around us - including those you may fear or loathe such as the Trumps of the world.


    This is for you if:

    • You seek a more aligned and balanced life, for you personally and for humanity collectively and want to play your part in bringing this about
    • You feel passionately about the need for change yet sometimes feel overwhelmed with concern, paralysed by not knowing what to do and detached from mainstream society
    • You would value space to reflect and connect with like-minded community
    • You are looking to resource and inspire yourself to step more fully into your 'Inner Leadership for Outer Change'
    What you will get:
    • Insights into the underlying causes of the mess we are currently in
    • Tools, resources and inspiration to develop your 'Inner Leadership for Outer Change'
    • A personal plan for staying grounded, resilient and resourced
    • Space to reflect and consider how you are being called to contribute
    • Deep connection with yourself, like-minded community and the natural world

    The retreats include deep sharing, embodied and intuitive exercises, creative expression as well as reflective time in nature. The work draws on inspiration and material from Charles Eisenstein, Joanna Macy, Inner Transition, Non-Violent Communication, Zen coaching, systemic constellations and leadership development, amongst others. In addition Debbie works very intuitively and responsively to what is alive in the group at any given moment which gives the retreats an extra level of real depth and quality. This is further enhanced by the stunning retreat centres and surrounding landscape where the retreats take place.


    Inner Leadership for Outer Change will equip you to find your unique place and to stand in your power for change in the world. Come and join this extraordinary journey!

  • What is Inner Leadership for Outer Change? - videos

    Debbie Warrener has developed her ILOC work over the past 10 years. The following videos share key elements of it.

    Living Wild and True

    ILOC is about permission to be wildly and truly ourselves - living in ways that enable us to feel fully alive!


    In this short video from Debbie's solo art exhibition in Oct 2016 she shares why her art is part of her 'wild and true' and poses the question for us all - what is Your 'Wild and True'?


    See Debbie's top tips for Living Wild and True below and sign up for her daily email tips

    Holding Hope and Concern

    ILOC is about balancing our concern for the scale of the challenges we face with actively holding and working for hope and change.


    In this short video Debbie shares what gives her hope despite the challenges we face.

    Knowing the 'New and Ancient' Story of the People

    Charles Eisenstein brilliantly articulates the 'story of separation' from self. other and the natural world we have been conditioned into.


    But this is only one story - one perspective. The truth is we are fundamentally connected with each other and the natural world in myriad ways - this is what he calls the emerging 'new and ancient' story of the people.


    In this video Charles Eisenstein brilliantly outlines these two stories.

    Living Wild and True - top tips!

    Tip 1


    Tip 2




    Tip 3



    One key reason I created Inner Leadership for Outer Change



    Interview with Azja of Hive Dalston - her top tips for changemakers



  • When and Where

    Opportunities to develop your Inner Leadership for Outer Change

    Retreats and workshops coming up

    ILOC Introductory weekend - UK

    Weekend retreat at the magical Minstead Study Centre, New Forest.

    Fri 15 - Sun 17 September 2017

    Fri 19 Jan - Sun 21 Jan 2018

    £250 Early Early Bird / £275 Early Bird / £325 Full Price


    To book January retreat go here.

    ILOC 6 month training course - UK

    Step powerfully into your ILOC - journey together

    Three connected retreats at the magical Minstead Study Centre, New Forest.

    Fri 23 Mar - Sun 25 Mar 2018

    Fri 22 Jun - Sun 24 Jun 2018

    Fri 7 Sep - Sun 9 Sep 2018

    ILOC Introductory weekend - Sweden

    Living wild & true - introduction

    Weekend retreat at magical Sörbynaturhälsogård, Halland in West Sweden.

    Fri 5 Jan - Sun 7 Jan 2018


    To book get in touch via the Contact form

    ILOC 6 month training course - Sweden

    Step powerfully into your iloc - journey together

    Three connected retreats at magical Sörbynaturhälsogård, Halland, W. Sweden.

    Fri 16 Mar - Sun 18 Mar 2018

    Fri 15 Jun - Sun 17 Jun 2018

    Fri 21 Sep - Sun 23 Sep 2018


  • Who

    Debbie Warrener - ILOC Leadership facilitator, coach and artist

    Debbie Warrener is an experienced leadership facilitator and coach who has been running workshops and retreats internationally for changemakers and wannabe changemakers to step into their full potential, passion and purpose for the past 7 years. She is passionate about people finding their inner ‘sparks’ and aliveness and shining out brightly for change in the world.


    Debbie trained in leadership and coaching with the Coaches Training Institute and has also trained with, amongst others, Joanna Macy and Charles Eisenstein. She is also a systemic constellations facilitator and regularly facilitates eco-constellations exploring big challenges of our times.


    A fluent Japanese speaker, Debbie’s background is in languages and international development. She is also a wild and expressive artist who had a successful solo show in Dalston, London called ‘WiLD and True’ in October 2016 and co-created a performance in 2012 called ‘Edges of the Wild’ exploring our relationship with the natural world.


    For more on Debbie's other activities see:



  • In the media

    Recent media coverage of Inner Leadership - Outer Change work

    4 September 2017

    Radio interview on Marlow FM - the Watt Next show (all things being eco).

    Inre ledarskap för yttre förändring

    Inner leadership for outer change

    16 February 2017

    Article published in Swedish newspaper, Landets Fria.

    31 October 2016

    Radio interview on Marlow FM - the Watt Next show (all things being eco).

    För att förändra världen mäste vi själva förändras

    To change the world we must change ourselves

    February 2016

    Article published in Åland magazine, Bladet.

  • What previous participants say

    "I could not ask for anything more relevant and deepening in this time, nor think of anything that could support my growth more"



    "Thank you really is not enough! The example you are, the insights you convey, the inspiration, the events and the processes you have made possible, are all such precious gifts."


    "Inspired and deeply nourished by this amazing weekend. Thank you for facilitating in a way that brought out the best in all of us: joyfully, intelligently, warm"

    "mindblowingly presence-and-aliveness-evoking in a truly magical way"


    "What you do, and what a group can do together with your guidance, is sooo beautiful"


    "Thank you lovely beautiful Debbie for your work that has helped me think this way and work with myself in a deeper and more compassionate way than ever before"

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