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Is giving to yourself selfish?

It can be easy to think that giving to others is more important than giving to yourself.
But this often stems from undervaluing our self and our needs.

Who knows you best?

You of course!

In giving to yourself you fill your cup to give to others. If you're always operating from scarcity and self-sacrifice you have less to offer.

And giving to yourself doesn't have to mean spending money or buying stuff.

It can be as simple as being kind to yourself by eating well, taking regular breaks and noticing when your inner voice is highly critical and not listening to it.

It could also mean giving yourself experiences you've been longing for for years. Or re-starting a hobby you shelved years ago.

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By consistently listening to and honouring your own needs and dreams you'll have more and more to give.

In feeding yourself you'll feel more fully You. Ready to contribute and give to others around you.

This is key to being an Inner Leader for Outer Change!

Below are the next opportunities I'm offering for you to feed and inspire yourself with my work. This is about spending time with like-minded others in magical and beautiful places and learning to live and act from connection and compassion - with self, others and our magnificent planet.

Make 2018 the year you really listen to yourself and your needs.

Really enjoy giving to yourself so you have more to give to others!

It's a mysterious paradox but it's so true.
Have fun!

Blessings for a wonderful year!

Living Wild & True in 2018 retreat
19-21 January, Minstead, New Forest
This is about increasing your impact as a changemaker in 2018 -find your authentic 'thing'; avoid burnout and overwhelm; and lean in to the support of your tribe and the magic of nature.
Book together ticket - buy with a friend and you both get £30 off full price.

Compassion in Action - Self Care for Changemakers
4 February, 42 Acres Shoreditch
One day urban retreat for changemakers. If you're passionate about changing the world there's always a risk of overwhelm and burnout. Come to relax, rejuvenate and explore why self care is vital, why we so easily forget it and what greater balance looks like for you.
More info and book here
-- In partnership with 42 Acres Shoreditch

Living Wild & True spring retreat
23-25 March, Minstead, New Forest
If you can't make the January dates I'm running my retreat again in the New Forest in March. Come to inspire and empower yourself as we emerge into spring at the potent time of the spring equinox.
* * * Early bird places on sale to end January!