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Appreciation and sunny days

This week we’re having a bit of a heat wave in the south of the UK. And it feels long overdue! Spring so far has been dour, dull and dreary. Grey, rainy and cold.

And finally we have sunshine!

It feels easier to appreciate life and its many blessings on sunny days. Life feels easier somehow. Less of a struggle.

So what’s this about? Can we really change ourselves and our approach to life or are we simply slaves to the weather and the twists and turns of life that come our way?

I think this is an important question and I feel it’s a bit of both. I know that external circumstances can certainly make me feel better in myself. And I also know I have power over my perspective on things too. For example when difficulties arise such as a conflict with someone important to me after the initial overwhelm with strong negative emotions I know I can also step back and find space to breathe. I can choose to find meaning and things to be appreciative of whatever the situation. I wrote a bit about this last week.

So is it really easier to feel appreciation on sunny days? In some ways particularly when it’s a wonderful contrast with recent weather I think that’s true.

But we’re also creatures of habit. And if it was sunny all the time I think that initial burst of euphoria would wear off.

But another important factor about our appreciation of sunny days is there’s a bodily ease on sunny days and in sunnier climes that’s more difficult to achieve when it’s rainier and cloudier. And feeling connected to and in our bodies is important for our well-being. This is part of the allure of sunny holidays and our delight in brilliant sunshine at home. We’re in our bodies! It’s easy and joyful to be outside! We feel the sun on our skin! We can stop a little more and simply relax and enjoy the sun. There’s much less pressure to be ‘doing’.

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Of course if you’re stuck inside on a rare sunny day and wanting to sunbathe outside the contrast could also make you less euphoric.

So what do sunny days and our love of them tell us?

That external circumstances do impact us – although it can be contrast that gives us the biggest boost rather than the circumstances in and of themselves.

That whatever the external circumstances our perspective on them is what’s most important. Some may not be able to enjoy the heat wave or may find things to complain about whatever the weather.

And we feel good when connected to our bodies!

Enjoy the heat wave! Appreciate it while it’s here and whatever the weather next week remember you can still find ways to connect to your body and there are always blessings to appreciate even on cloudier days – even if they’re trickier to find out of the brilliance of the sun!

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